1.4 bby

  1. Indi

    Mysterious Engine Light: Load Calculation Cross Check - Lower Limit Exceeded

    I have been hunting this engine light on and off for months now and have come back with nothing. A year or two ago I had a load of fault codes, (including the one mentioned as far as I remember) these were mainly electrical and mostly fixed by a new alternator and eventually a new battery too...
  2. Bluebeard

    Dutch Imola Colour Storm signing up.

    Hi all, As a long time member of the Dutch forum I went ahead and made an account here and payed for the upgrade. So introductions, introductions. Here goes: Being from an EU country, mine is a left hand drive 2004 Yellow Color Storm 1.4 BBY. We've been together since early 2018 and I am it's...
  3. esayem

    A2 Project MMII

    Introduction: Hi all, I’m starting a thread here to document progress in restoring and upgrading my first A2, the details of which are as follows: Engine 1.4 Petrol (BBY) Year of manufacture 2002 (hence the project name) Mileage at purchase 71,000 Colour Cobalt Blue (LZ5Q) Spec SE...
  4. jonbad

    Tappet & Rocker Arms for 2003 1.4 BBY Petrol, Advice needed please.

    I seem to have a bit of a noisy tappet (or two) which I'm going to replace. I've browsed this forum and cannot find any instructions as to how to do the procedure, instead just lots of people having it done by a garage/dealer/friend etc. Having looked at the parts diagrams on VAGCAT...