1. E

    Normal intake manifold pressure AUA Engine???

    Hi @here. I got a cold shower this morning as i went to start my AUA Engine A2, (which was under heavy rain during night), and it wont start. I managed to start it cranking for extended time and engine light came on. Car was running very rough, and revving it made it worse. I found a bit of...
  2. E

    AUA 1.4 Random misfire

    Hi all, my 2001 aua engine randomly misfires in all 4 cylinders, and occasionally the rev counter fluctuates rapidly and the car seems to choke. Any advice??
  3. E

    Major service to my 1.4 Petrol 2001

    Hello friends, my A2 i due for a major service this weekend. -New Luk clutch -New Cam belt and water pump -Cabin filter -Oil, air and petrol filter. -Castrol 10w40 oil. Any stuff that i should check during the time the car is open for the service? Thank you for all the advice's in the forum.
  4. IansMusical

    A2 1.4 AUA LHD Petrol: Another coolant leak but where from?

    Hi All, I had a recent coolant leak which turned out to be coming from the thermostat housing where it bolts onto the head/block. That was replaced and all was well but now there is another coolant leak. I can actually see a pink puddle of coolant just above the driveshaft near the gearbox...
  5. jannes

    Aftermarket exhausts?

    Does anyone have any experience with the cheap aftermarket exhaust systems sold on EBay and like? You can get a complete system for £100-200 which really isn’t too bad but the quality might be a concern. The thing is my exhaust started leaking badly, haven’t checked yet what’s up due to it...
  6. jannes

    Removing 1.4 petrol (AUA) intake manifold (+ System Too Lean troubleshooting)

    Anyone know of a guide or have any tips on how to remove the intake manifold on the 1.4 petrol? I had a quick peek and it seems straight-forward apart from the fact that's it's in the tight space but of course a few words of advice from someone who has completed this would be great.
  7. IansMusical

    2001 A2 1.4 AUA LHD 83000 miles Oil leak from undertray/sump?

    I've noticed a few drips of oil coming from the undertray. Jacked it up and removed the drivers side wheel and could see that the undertray is wet around the sump area. In fact the sump itself is quite manky but the block upwards is dry. The sensor at the bottom of the sump and its wire are very...
  8. Y

    1.4 16v rocker arms/hydraulic lifters

    Evening all! As you (may or may not) know i have an intermittant misfire on my 1.4 16v (AUA) A2. This has got progressively worse and is looking more like a knackered hydraulic lifter or rocker arm (very tappety at tickover; this is when it starts misfiring) on cylinder 1. It could also be a...