1. C

    Bose Subwoofer Location/Pictures

    Hello, I’m new here so sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section. I wanted to know where is the OEM Bose subwoofer located in the boot? Would anyone be kind enough to supply some pictures on what it looks like or is it concealed? I came across a picture in another thread which I have...
  2. OleBen

    BOSE system connectors to aftermarked radio

    Hello, In my A2 that I bought a few month ago, there is a BOSE system and a Kenwood radio. But the previous owner had only hooked it up with power but not connected it to the BOSE system, so no sound. So I removed the unit today, and found these connectors. The ISO connectors are the standard...
  3. sciroccorrado

    Audio Listening, File formats

    As a means of giving Johnyfartbox his post back I'll start a dedicated Audio Format/Listening thread here to discuss such matters :) I'll start with a response to "What is APE music format" APE files (or MonkeyAudio) are/were a bit like the BETAMAX version of FLAC (ie technically superior, but...
  4. sciroccorrado

    Alternative solution for Double Din

    Okay, anybody come across these guys before? From what I can gather they are selling a unit that converts a normal CAN-BUS audio system to be...
  5. Chris93

    Door sill plates and Bose

    Hi guys i read in the spec book that se models get door sill plates to protect the sills, does anyone have a picture of these and the part number as i have scratched sills and could do with a set. Also i am thinking of retrofitting a bose amp and sub does anyone have pics of the toolkit area...