1. larax

    "Non-runner for years" 1.6 FSI worth buying?

    Hi Everyone! Firstly thanks for letting me join to this group! The reason I'm here to get some advice whether worth buying an A2 which wasn't used for years or not?! Today I've been in Bradford to check out two Audi A2. (I'm currently living in Leeds) One in light blue (maybe baby blue) and...
  2. A

    CAM Belt - Help? Costs etc

    Hey y'all, Hope anyone/everyone reading this is well. I have my 52 plate 1.6FSI A2 with only 65K miles (genuine) to run around in. i had a service today - £480 for a larger service replacing brake discs and fan belt but i was also made aware that the Cam belt may need changing as hasnt so...
  3. Tsu

    Timing Belt Kit & Water Pump kit

    Timing Belt & Water Pump kit I'm in the market for a timing belt & water pump kit and was wondering does anyone have a supplier that can better this price? (£95,69)
  4. M

    Am I Mad........?

    Well hello all..... I I've always been a fan of the A2 and upon trying one earlier in the year I decided to take a leap of faith. ... So I have just purchased the following vehicle without even seeing it for £1200 I know it'll need the...
  5. M

    So how much for a full service & cam belt plus any ideas where in the Manchester area

    So I think I may have found an A2 guy wants €1600 But its 2000 miles off a...
  6. R

    Free Audi Health Check Results: a whole bunch of problems, need help please :)

    Helloooo Guysss i am a proud new owner of an Audi A2 SE with the 1.6 FSI engine, 60k miles and 53 reg, im quite an enthusiastic person so im going to try and be a very active forum member and try and do my part :). i live in croydon if thats near anyone else. ok so here it goes, went to...
  7. Tai

    Gates or Dayco?

    Has anyone got any experience of using either Dayco or Gates timing belts? Well I guess I need you to have used both, as I'm after your informed preference. Thanks
  8. Tai

    Cambelt kit and water pump change

    Hi My brother's a mechanic, so between the two of us we're gonna tackle a full service, including cambelt and water pump. Does anyone have the correct part codes for the pump and cambelt kit? I have 52 1.4SE. I've also been looking on ebay and have noticed two manufacturers of the...