climate control

  1. Clemens

    Difference in letters on HVAC units

    Hi everybody. I recently bought a used HVAC unit, there seems to be a difference in the last letter of the production number. My question is : Does anybody know what the difference is between 8Z0 820 043E and 8Z0 820 043A? Really hope somebody knows, can't find anything online.
  2. M


    A2 1.4 Petrol. Has anyone comes across a sporadic runaway heater? Normally the climate control works fine but every so often it goes mad and blasts out really hot air for several miles. The only way around the problem is to close down all vents and open the windows and wait for the system to...
  3. K

    Replacing Climate Control Unit

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so would like to say hi! Purchased my A2 a couple of weeks ago from a work colleague and they had purchased a climate control unit replacement. This is because of the common button wear. However, I've got as far as removing the single DIN radio but then I get...
  4. E

    A/C Woes - Pretty Strange....

    Hi all, I came across a very strange situation today I'd like to share with you hoping for any comments. The comrpessor has been changed (the previous one was seized solid) and the system was vacuum tested and recharged. Held a vacuum for 10 hours. The car is fitted with climate control...
  5. C

    What do these buttons do and could I use WD40 to clean then face

    Hi, i`ve searched and can`t find what do the circled buttons do. appreciate your help also wondered if anyone used WD40 to clean the buttons when they get stuck when pressed I know it should not cause anything but we all know the paint is very sensitive on these.
  6. Dionisis

    Problem With air heat.

    Hello all and happy new year. I have a problem some days now and i can't find a way out to solve it. I have the 1.4 edition with the electric control panel. Some days now even i set tempure at max and the car is allready worm up, it still blow out only cold air in the campine. Anyone have...
  7. A

    climate control issue: full on regardless; sensor? where?

    Folks, It might not be warm outside but it's toasty warm in my magic A2 regardless of any settings I apply - even if I try the aircon! My guess is that a temperature sensor somewhere has failed. I'd appreciate some guidance on - will a scan identify the errant sensor? (if so where's my...
  8. The Dean

    Climate Control/Temp issues. Please Help!

    Hello, I have just bought an A2(Amazing car) and have a few issues. The first issue is the temp gauge has never been above 60 since i bought it. I have drove the car continuously for over an hour and still nothing. Does this relate to my other problem? I have very little heat or wind power...
  9. Design-Time

    What do you think of this? It could push all the right buttons!

    I have had my A2 for a couple of week now and it’s is fantastic! My only disappointment is the dreaded climate control button damage. I looked at a few A2’s and everyone had the same problem. The button damage really stands out and spoils an otherwise mint condition car. I have trawled this...