cruise control

  1. timmus

    Timmus in the South East - July 2023

    Hello to all A2OC members, The purpose of this thread is to announce that I'll once again be based in Leighton Buzzard soon. At the beginning of the year, it was my intention to do a 'South East Residency' in the springtime, but various demands upon my time have kept delaying my trip. From...
  2. timmus

    Timmus in Aberdeenshire - June 2022

    Hello good people of A2OC, As many will be aware, there is a club social event in Aberdeenshire over the weekend of 25/26 June 2022. More information about this upcoming event can be seen here...
  3. timmus

    Timmus in the South East - June 2022

    Hello good people of A2OC, First of all, my apologies for being very silent on the forum in recent times. This is, in part, due to being neck-deep in major house renovations. I appreciate that this has resulted in many club members waiting a long time for responses to private messages. Rest...
  4. dr_jones

    Cruise Conundrum

    I’m after some help from the gurus! I have retro @Skipton01 cruise fitted to my 2003 TDi colour storm, fitted about 13 years ago I think! It recently became very intermittent and as a result I have replaced the clutch switch with oem, brake switch, checked the fuses, and fitted a new stalk...
  5. timmus

    Timmus in the South East

    Hello good people of A2OC, Since the easing of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, I've only been working on A2s from home. I'd like to thank everyone who has brought their A2 to me and kept me (extremely!) busy during these times of great uncertainty. I'm acutely aware that I still owe a...
  6. timmus

    Timmus Audi A2 Upgrades, Retrofits and Repairs

    Greetings to all A2 owners, For over a decade, I have been upgrading and repairing A2s. Having dedicated myself to just one model of car, I have intimate, specialised knowledge of the vehicle we all love. Countless reviews and recommendations are scattered across the pages of this forum. My...
  7. depronman

    Cruise Control - None indicator stalk version

    I have been an avid user of cruise control for the last 10+ years and on my A2 for the last 10 months However I am not a fan of the cruise controls being on the end of the indicator stalk, I find it fiddly to use and much prefer the position of the cruise control buttons on either the...
  8. andrew007007

    Chat A2 mods by Timmus

    Would just like to update you on progress on my car to date; * Had a MYP 6 speed gear box fitted last year along with a remap. (stealth) * After some arranging I met Tom (tininus) off here last weekend, and the following work was done; * Audi rear parking sensors HID lights LEDS Cruise...
  9. Governa

    Retrofit Cruise Control: please help me help Audi get it working!

    Hi guys, I come to you with an unusual request, that you help me help my Audi dealer figure out how correctly retrofit a Cruise Control. The car has been with them for around 3 weeks now but no luck yet getting the Cruise Control to work. So I own an Audi A2 1.4TDI from 2001. I do a lot of...
  10. timmus

    Service Offered: Retrofitting Cruise Control

    To all A2 owners, I offer a cruise control retrofitting service. I only use genuine parts, meaning that the final installation looks and operates exactly as though your A2 left the factory with cruise control already fitted. By default, I supply the 'later style' cruise control stalk. This...
  11. plumpton

    A2 Cruise control in the south/berkshire area

    Hi guys looking for the A2 Cruise control install in the south UK, maybe berkshire area already spoke to skipton and he is a bit far for now any help would be great lads cheers :D
  12. A

    Information Looking to buy an A2 in the next two months.... But I would like some extra info! :)

    Hey Guys First of all, brilliant forum, lots of interesting facts etc, love it! I am new to the forum as I am going to go and buy myself an A2 in the next few months, but first of all I was wondering on things to look out for? Common problems, sounds that suggest further issues with the car...