1. dieselfan

    A2 1.4TDI -02 AMF - EGR carbon build-up - mileage

    Just bought an AMF engine and have started to disassemble external parts to prepare for snake cam inspection. Last engine I bought failed inspection due to internal corrosion of cooling system and one exhaust valve. So that one will be for spareparts only..... When looking into EGR and ASV...
  2. Alan_uk

    VW launches new UK diesel scrappage scheme

    BBC: VW launches new UK diesel scrappage scheme http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41114738 An e-golfs list price is from £31,680 before any government electric grants. A normal golf ranges from c£18,000 to c£36,000. Of course, devil can be in the small print and how many people have the...
  3. Sarge

    Information What the TDI 75 looks like under the bonnet

    I thought I'd share some pictures of the TDi 75 AMF engine bay, during my strip down of the parts under the bonnet. Some might find it interesting as to what it looks like under there and in parts. So, here we go.... More to follow....
  4. ecoangel

    Environmental Politics hitting TDI owners soon?

    No doubt you've read the press from BJ blowing his top about diesel cars. Here's a response that's unlikely to get published in the UK Telegraph/Times/Guardian!: Petrol cars now pollute more than before the scrappage scheme due direct injection and no particulate traps unlike diesels...
  5. Toomanygittars

    Engine runs fine but stops after any 2nd startup.

    My A2 1,4 TDI starts fine and runs smoothly as fine Norwegian cheese when the engine is cold. However, if I make a stop somewhere and start it up again after, let's say, 20 minutes, the engine will run fine for, oh, anything between 2-30 seconds....and then it dies - regardless of speed. Dead...
  6. J

    Help! Major Diesel Leak

    Hi all. My '01 1.4TDI is currently at the Stealer with a diesel leak (I reckon losing about 1 - 2 litres per day) that seems to be coming from the area above a small heat shield in the vicinity of right rear seat. Apparently a valve near the tank(?)has failed and leaking at a high rate. Was...
  7. T

    Aftermarket Exhaust (2003 1.4 TDi)

    Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone has replaced their exhaust (2003 1.4 TDi) with an aftermarket exhaust and catalyst? Just got a quote at £600 including VAT and fitting for an entire new aftermarket exhaust and catalyst...it thought this sounded reasonable for replacing the entire thing...
  8. Alexandra

    Sainsburys City Diesel or Super Diesel for 1.4 TDI (75)

    Hi, I've owned my 2001 1.4 TDI (75) since the beginning of July this year and I have been using Sainsburys City diesel to fill up the tank. My mother also drives my car and when she fills up, she uses Sainsburys Super Diesel. I didn't know what she had been using until this morning and I am now...
  9. R

    A2 Engine Sensor setup, flywheel drawing and injector maps

    Gentlemen! I´m currently working on adapting a commonrail diesel control system from niranova in Sweden (http://www.niranova.se) to my beloved 75Hk A2 TDi. To be able to adapt the system to the engine, I need sensor data, and also the fuel injector maps. Have any of you guys some data...