1. S

    Driver side door not unlocking with the remote

    Hi everyone, my A2 has a problem with the unlocking mechanism in the driver side door, it won't unlock with the button on the remote, the other doors work just fine, it will only unlock if I manually open it with the key. It's been a few months since the issue, at the beginning the problem...
  2. miguel_e38

    Doubt about part number reference

    Greetings to all, I've been looking for some time, the reference number of a rubber plug that is mounted on the rear part of the 4 doors. This rubber hides a screw through which the door handle can be removed. I think that the part number is the next: 191971908E. However, when measuring the...
  3. Beagles

    Door dent repair advice

    My A2 has a ding in the nearside front door from a previous owner and I would like to get rid of it. However, every PDR company I have spoken to have said that they can't fix it. I have had quotes from bodyshops between £200 and £400 although I'm not sure they've realised that it's an A2 so is...
  4. B

    Alignment of Drivers Door Window Subframe

    Hi, I am having difficulty in aligning the Subframe for the drivers door window after replacing it due to window mechanism failure. I've seen on the workshop manual that there is a sequence for tightening the 4 T45 Torx bolts but the version I have access to does not show exactly what the...
  5. C

    Chat Hi All

    Just collected our 05 plate 1.4TDI SE in Silver Very much enjoyed our first long journeys in it over new year (particularly the 60+ mpg!). We've got a couple of the, what appear to be, common issues to iron out, namely: Random flasher ticking whilst driving, the indicators seem to work...
  6. B

    Wobbly drivers door

    Hi everyone, I have read all of the posts regarding door strap replacement, but wanted some advice before I order. My drivers door seems to sort of wobble when opening and closing, the movement being most visible at the bottom front corner which almost moves in a circle? Does this sound like...
  7. B

    Wobbly Drivers Door!

    Hey peeps :) So my Drivers side door hinge appears to be loose and with the door open i an cobble to door back a forth a few mm. Is there any way of fixing this? Its o annoying driving down the road hearing the wind where the door isn't sitting properly! Also the door won't hold its...
  8. T

    Passenger door stuck

    Hi, I've had my A2 for two years but I'm new to A2OC. I hope someone can help with this first issue I've had with the car as otherwise I can see an expensive dealer bill coming up! Thanks in advance! Basically, my front passenger door is stuck shut. All the other doors work normally. I've...
  9. D

    Central Locking problem

    Hope someone can shed some light for me. We purchased an A2 a week ago and when we went to go out last night the front Passenger door would not open from the outside, I opened it from the inside by pulling the handle twice but now the Door won't lock at all with the central locking. Someone has...