double din

  1. tobee1k

    Double din dash - how much?

    I’ve been offered a double din dash from a crashed A2. The seller doesn’t know what it’s worth, want to give him a fair price but I don’t really have any idea either. Any thoughts on a suitable price? It’s a black dash in pretty decent shape. Thanks
  2. sciroccorrado

    Alternative solution for Double Din

    Okay, anybody come across these guys before? From what I can gather they are selling a unit that converts a normal CAN-BUS audio system to be...
  3. E

    Back speakers wiring colours ??

    After finally getting new double din installed i have it all wired up correctly but i cant find a wire colour diagram to find out what wires are the rear speakers ? I cant use the symphony diagram as the previous owner has messed the wire possitions up so they dont match the diagram which has no...
  4. E

    Removing double din radio

    Hi everyone, another question for you may sound stupid but do i need the removal keys to get the stereo out ? Ive got dash removal tools but dont want to force anything so some instructions would be a great help. Thank you
  5. Carltaff

    Symphony 2 uprgade to double din

    Hi All, I am looking to upgrade my in car entertainment from the symphony 2 to a double din stereo, Can any one tell me any wiring harness I will need? or problems doing this Also will I need a new fascia for the dash board? Many thanks
  6. M

    NEW TO THE CLUB! Buying double din radio + Sub. !!!!HELP!!!!!

    Hi all, Im a new a2 owner and have only just passed my driving test and was wondering about the audio system in my car. I really want to put a sub or 2 in my car and a new radio in the front. Preferably a double din radio because they look nice and work well. If anyone has put speakers or a...
  7. W

    2004 A2 Double Din - RNS-E

    Hello All, I am looking for a favour and a bit of knowledge. I have just taken my dead double din Symphony II out of my A2 (2004). I have been told I can replace it with an RNS-E ( link to the head unit in the brackets. So I am asking; 1...
  8. The Dean

    Choosing Double Din Head Unit , Will it fit?

    Hello, I bought my a2 last week and im going to have a new stereo fitted. It single din but i want a double din unit such as the the Pioneer AVH 3100dvd and AVH 3200bt. The problem is I have to move my Climate control down to the bottom(where the tray is) to fit everything in. It looks like...