1. A2ALI

    EGR Pipe replacement on 1.6 FSI

    Have a cracked EGR pipe on my 2002 1.6 FSI, have been quoted around £470 for part and labour - is that reasonable? They tried to look at some kind of patch repair, but need to get it out to do it so might as well replace.
  2. dieselfan

    A2 1.4TDI -02 AMF - EGR carbon build-up - mileage

    Just bought an AMF engine and have started to disassemble external parts to prepare for snake cam inspection. Last engine I bought failed inspection due to internal corrosion of cooling system and one exhaust valve. So that one will be for spareparts only..... When looking into EGR and ASV...
  3. P

    TDi 75 BHC Spluttering and hunting after Hot or Cold start up

    Hello everyone,i`m new to this forum and would appreciate any feedback on my intermittent spluttering and hunting of my starts .Engine starts instantly and perfectly every time . Seems to idle perfectly too but it then suddenly becomes rough and splutters to the point it might cut out . Then...
  4. R

    EGR valve replacement or clean

    Hi all, this is my first post in this informative group so please excuse my potential ignorance. I had a VAG diagnostics scan today due to a number of issues that have recenty occured, EM light on and overheating being 2 of them. The scan came back saying I had potential errors with the EGR. Now...
  5. R

    Fault codes and braking issues!

    Hi all, Having problems with my A2 1.4 petrol and thought I would ask for some opinions. If people would be so kind! For a background - Due to an intermmitent EPC light on a previous visit my garage already told me he had erased codes for EGR valve and inlet manifold pressure sensor but the...
  6. D

    Tdi 90 Throttle Actuator Turbo EGR control circuit

    2004 Tdi 90 150,000 miles. Drove to London last night, first long journey in a while. Mix of stop/start in roadworks and 70 mph cruising. Parked up and starting the car again after a couple of hours noticed that it didn’t start first time, which is unusual as it always starts well. Started...
  7. D

    EGR dash light, how does the ecu know?

    Just thinking about installing a modified straight through EGR valve ( with a non shudder valve still in place ) and I have heard that it will put the Engine light on but as I have not done this I have not experienced it. So I was wondering how does the ECU know that you have blocked off the...
  8. H

    What is the latest definitive guide to eradicate the 'mooing' noise

    Hello All, I appreciate this has been covered to death and everyone's probably sick of this topic. I have searched through an extensive archive of 'mooing' threads but many are over 5 years old and or are people speculating or saying that the have the same issue but no real solutions being...
  9. Birchall

    Plastic vacuum tube on the 1.4 petrol AUA EGR ???

    Hi, I have a thin black plastic vacuum tube that goes from the EGR valve to --- NOWHERE !! It is similar to the old vacuum advance tube on a distributor, I am assuming that this is OK but could anyone with a 1.4 petrol AUA engine please check theirs to see if theirs is connected to...
  10. UVK

    EGR valve bracket mount mod

    Hi all, After diagnosing that the "mooing" sound was the EGR valve and not something more serious (thanks to this site) i made a couple of foam spacers to put between the bulkhead and the bracket to try and reduce the noise. Although this worked to a degree, it could still be heard and was...