eml engine management

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    Newbie with 1.6 FSI Sport (soon!)

    Hello everyone! On Tuesday I will (hopefully) be the lucky owner of a black A2 1.6 FSI Sport, a real beauty, in black, on which I have already put down a deposit. However, I am starting to have a slight lump of anxiety in my throat, due to the following reason: I have requested a test drive...
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    EML on and now engine won't start

    Hi Guys, Recently bought an A2 (1.4SE) for my girlfriend, on Sunday the EML came on and the engine started stuttering, was supposed to take it to a garage this morning but now the car won't start! Heard that coil packs can be an issue but have no idea where to find it? Any advice appreciated...
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    EML warning light problem please help!!

    Hi All Yesterday I picked up Herman (2001 A2 petrol), hes great I love him! But this morning I have got up to him flashing me EML! some times it flashes some times it just stays on! It did go off after i had been driving around for abit, stop and started the engine a couple of times. Could...