1. Fredrik

    In need of a complete exhaust system! Please help!

    Hi everyone! I've been looking around on various web sites for an exhaust, and was referred to this great forum by Sarge! (thank you Sarge for the tip!) It is wonderful to see that there's a dedicated web site for us A2 owners! Just love it! I'm a proud A2 owner living in Norway! Thank you for...
  2. T

    TDI Exhaust blow... but not from the Flexi-Pipe!

    Hi All, Sadly my A2 started sounding like a Tractor a few days ago, very noisy under acceleration and lots of Turbo whistle. After a bit of searching on here I figured it was the Flexi-Pipe as that seems to be the usual culprit. I got underneath the Car over the weekend to inspect the problem...
  3. jannes

    Aftermarket exhausts?

    Does anyone have any experience with the cheap aftermarket exhaust systems sold on EBay and like? You can get a complete system for £100-200 which really isn’t too bad but the quality might be a concern. The thing is my exhaust started leaking badly, haven’t checked yet what’s up due to it...
  4. V

    Type Approved Exhaust or Non-Type Approved - differences?

    I can get a Non-type approved for £100 less than a type approved. So far I understand that any vehicle registered after 02/2001 must have a type approved to be legal and that the cost difference is due to the increase in precious metals used. Does anyone know: 1. The sellers say it fits...
  5. T

    Aftermarket Exhaust (2003 1.4 TDi)

    Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone has replaced their exhaust (2003 1.4 TDi) with an aftermarket exhaust and catalyst? Just got a quote at £600 including VAT and fitting for an entire new aftermarket exhaust and catalyst...it thought this sounded reasonable for replacing the entire thing...
  6. lucy

    Exhaust repairs

    Me again, During last MOT, it was mentioned that there was a crack on some part of the exhaust system, near the front, but that it was unreplaceable, and so it will cost £700+ to fit a whole new exhaust system. Anyone else had this misfortune?