1. L

    How to replace low beam bulb Audi a2

  2. ca2n

    Poor headlight output

    A few days ago I found myself driving on some dark roads with my A2. I found that the headlight (dipped beam) output was very poor. The glare from oncoming vehicles only made it worse. Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy driving my A2 at that time. From what I can tell from the driver's seat, it...
  3. tagscuderia

    Broken near side headlight.

    Hi, just got back from my A2's 1st M.O.T. & she failed... Both headlights needed adjusting but the near side is kaput. The bulb assembly points to the floor & the height adjust doesn't work at all. I'll take a look at the cluster later today, is there anything that I can test/look for? Cheers...
  4. T

    Misty Headlight - FIXED! Full Disassembly :)

    Hi guys and gals, Well when we bought out A2 last weekend one of the things on the list was the misty headlight, it looked like a cataract! I used the tried and tested light out procedure with a T30 torx bit and the bonnet off, screwdriver in the connector to pop it off, and the whole...
  5. Paddys

    Fog / Steam in lights

    I know that this has been done before - I would have replied to the original thread (dating back to '02) but it has been closed! I have an issue with my NS headlight getting significatly steamed up which has led to my NS headlamp blowing and then blowing the OS too! Not good. I've fitted new...