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  1. Alan_uk

    Fitting 12V Socket in Boot (non OEM)

    I fitted this socket to facilitate a PV panel to charge the A2. During lockdown the battery would gradually become weaker due to the alarm system being on 24/7. I did consider a OEM socket but this would necessitate removing the left boot panel that goes over the rear nearside wheel, and I read...
  2. L

    How to change thermostat on Audi A2 1.4tdi

  3. L

    How to remove front door panel

  4. L

    How to change front brake pads

  5. L

    How to change Anti roll bar / stabilizer / drop link bar under 10 min

  6. L

    How to remove the wiper arms on Audi A2 1.4 tdi part 1

  7. L

    And If You Don't know ........ Now You Know how to remove fog light

    how to remove fog light