instrument cluster

  1. S

    Audi a2 Instrument cluster bench test help

    Hello guys, I require a little help. I fixed the cluster from my A2 and tried to bench test it (full DIS, not half). So on the blue connector, I pinned: Pin 1, and 23 for +12v Pin 24 for Ground And on the green connector, I added a cable on Pin 28, which is the K-line as I can see. But I...
  2. E

    Problem with fuel gauge

    Hello Yesterday i was coming back from a trim and stopped to a gas station since the fuel gauge was going into red. I filled the tank with 15 lit of petrol and when i started the car the arrow didn't move at all. I was surprised and asked the guy at the gas station if theirs pump was putting...
  3. 3dB

    Instrument cluster display replacement

    Is any of You gone for Instrument cluster FIS display replacement (NOT ColorMFA)? I know it's doable for A3, A4, A6, get an Ebay display and go solder in, but for A2, is the display the same as for A3, A4, A6?
  4. Topsie

    Bi-Xenon / HID Install Issue

    Right, just finished installing some HID's & Bi-Xenon Projectors, but I've got a bit of a strange issue When I flash the headlights, the instrument cluster powers off, then comes back on with a orange steering wheel symbol? Anybody got any ideas!?
  5. R

    Replacement Cluster & Wiring Loom Connector

    Hi All, A few months back my Audi 2001 A2 1.4TDi failed, the cause turned out to be an electrical fault. The connector to the instrument cluster shorted and caused an electrical fault. The look connector and the cluster both needed to be replaced, with help and advice from members, I managed...
  6. S

    Clocks - can they be repaired?

    Hope someone can help! Having major probs with my a2. My car refused to start, eventually tracked down to "intermitent immobiliser fault" so got some secondhand clocks off ebay in they hope I could either get them recoded or do it myself. Looks like I might need to get a set consisting...