1. timmus

    All-Alloy Intercooler Group Order - 2020

    Hello A2 TDI owners, 4 years ago, the Pro Alloy intercooler was launched for the A2. There are now approximately 30 A2s fitted with this no-compromise component. With this post, I am opening a second group order phase for the all-alloy intercooler, as used in my TDI120...
  2. L

    installing new intercooler on my Audi A2 1.4tdi PART 3

    final part
  3. L

    installing new intercooler on my Audi A2 1.4tdi PART 2

  4. C

    ProAlloy Intercooler

    Hi all, Just thought I'd share some pictures of my birthday present to myself, the super sexy matt black ProAlloy intercooler. I contracted @timmus a few weeks back asking if any were still available and he informed me there was. After an exchange of messages and he saying he was down my way...
  5. plumpton

    Fromt bumper removal/Intercooler directly behind the bumper

    Hi guys, as above really got a leaky intercooler, will be removing the front bumper, is it pretty much straight out after the bumper is off? kind regards plumpton ;)
  6. spinner

    Intercooler Replacement part no

    Any one have the OE part number Intercooler for 1.4 tdi 2001 model the local motor factors have the following intercooler available covers the following : 8z0145804 8z0145804 C 8z0145805 B 8z0145805 C Any one with this limp home mode with no warning lights, get the bottom...
  7. M

    Replacing the intercooler

    Well I finally got round to fixing my intercooler today on my 2002 1.4tdi SE. I'd ordered a non genuine cooler of the internet, although I wansn't sure it was going to be exactly the right one, I'd seen references to different part numbers. Unfortunately after I finally got the old intercooler...