1. R

    MPG Question ... 52 A2, still going strong

    All Our 52 reg A2 is still going strong, though we had to invest heavily for the last MOT so I think this is the last year. We are getting just about 30mpg for in town/country runs - any thoughts on this, whether this is a bit low? The emissions failed the MOT and the garage replaced...
  2. S

    Information real mpg with TDi: is 50-60 the real deal, or 70 mpg are as easy to achieve?

    Hi there, I am seriously considering the purchase of an Audi A2 TDi. This will be my first car and I will be covering many miles over the course of the next year(s) (~20k p.y.); needles to say, the reason I was attracted to an A2 firstly is due to the high extra-urban mpg that it records, at...
  3. putyourmittenson

    70mpg on a tank

    Covered just over 400miles on the weekend and managed 71.2mpg average at a sat nav 63mph. Obviously motorway miles but there was a bit of A and B road in there as well. My TDI A2 75 is completely standard as far as i know. But if i was to do the 5th gear mod, aero pack and maybe narrower wheels...
  4. Alan_uk

    Could an A2 1.2 3L beat this new mpg record?

    BBC News item today about Honda Civic Tourer 1.6i achieving 100.31 mpg over 8,387 miles through 24 EU countries in 25 days. According to the A2 Wiki page the A3 1.2 3L can achieve 2.88...
  5. R

    Is A2 fuel efficiency really this bad?

    I have a 1.6 FSI Sporin with 17" Audi wheels and 60K miles. The car has full service history and is in great shape as I service regularly and has just had cam belt and vacuum pump changed. I only run it on Shell V-Power. I live in Central London and so all my mileage is short and stop...
  6. R

    Very interesting MPG experiment!

    I recently read some of the threads on this site about a variety of fuel saving measures that people employ in a bid to go a bit further on each tank full. This is something that is particularly appropriate these days, when a typical tank of fuel is costing between £5 and £10 more than it did...
  7. Tai

    Newbie needs advice please!

    Hi I'm new to this forum, but have already found it really helpful. I'm going to pick up my A2 1.4SE at the weekend. :) I do about 140 miles a day. My commute is 95+% motorway/dual carriageway, and I've learnt to tame my right foot, only doing a steady 65mph. Does anyone have any idea...
  8. B

    Audi 1.4 Petrol consumption problems

    hi guys im kinda new to this site but no one seems to have the problem im having, i recently bought an Audi A2 1.4 SE kinda getting pretty worried because the highest mpg that ive been able to get is 40 and that was only on one occasion purely on a motorway journey, after that ive...