1. E

    [1.6 FSI] - GKZ Gearbox Clutch/Bearing Problem

    Hi all, I have had the car back on the road for 2 weeks and now it appears that the release bearing is shot. There is a horrible screeching noise when depressing the pedal when in neutral. Goes away when released. Am I right in thinking that I have to do both clutch and bearing in one go...
  2. S

    Ugly noise, need inputs...

    I've just bought an -04 A2 TDi 75 Milage? 126000km Driving home from previous owner a sound appeard in third gear. Driving along in 3rd gear at ca 2500 revs, it startet rattling. Seems liike the sound is coming from under the gearleaver/handbrake. It's like metal rattling, it stops when...
  3. A

    Growling when cold & noisy violent tickover even when warm

    I've got similar issues as per RWhites had on this thread:! However, there are slight differences; I know I'll be needing a new clutch as I can feel mine not disengaging properly when I depress it...
  4. D

    Noise coming form behind driver side headlight?

    My audi 1.4 tdi has started making a whining sound, sounds a bit like a fan is running and is intermittent. If i'm driving locally it comes on and when i turn my heating off it sometimes goes away but is very weird and not sure what triggers it and what makes it stop. I have taken the bonnet...
  5. F

    1.4 Petrol makes a bizarre noise when starting

    Like an elephant... that's the best way to describe it. Dunno whether it's cogs jumping or something, don't have any problems starting it just makes the most bizarre noise. Any ideas ??
  6. N

    noise when accelerating!

    Hi everyone, I have a new noise! Ooooohh i hear you cry in excitement. But i could do with knowing what it is, so please could anyone shed some light on the subject for me. The noise happens when i accelerate and its kind of a rubbing or something; in time with whenever i have the...
  7. Ole Stokkeland

    Knocking noise in dashboard

    Hi I've become a knocking / rattling noise from the top of the dashboard when drinving on uneven roads. Sounds like it comes from the front, under the windscreen. Guess I have to open the dashboard to find what is loose. Does anyone have experience on this operation or similar noise? Ole (A2...
  8. R

    Strange noise after remap like metal tinkling

    Hi All, I have recently had my 1.4 TDi 75 PS remapped. It's been remapped from 73 BHP - 144 Torque (lbft) up to 105BHP - 207 Torque (lbft) The improvement is astounding, the car is much more fun to drive now and relaxed driving is much easier with less gear changing etc. However...