1. E

    [1.6 FSI] - Headgasket Replacement Preparation

    Hi all, I have done the glove test on the expansion tank and I am waiting - probably for ever - a sniff test to arrive to test the coolant for emission gases. The glove test gave a positive result when the car reached operating temeprature but, only in a mild manner did the glove give me the...
  2. S

    Rear axle beam failure

    Can anyone suggest where I can get a rear axle beam at a reasonable price and in good condition? Today something broke quite spectacularly due to corrosion and the garage say I need a new rear axle beam which seems right. The thing that supports the spring on the rear has completely dropped and...
  3. E

    [Thermostat Housing O-ring] - Request for Assitance

    Hi all, I am in a bit of a pickle thus asking for help around here. Well here it goes. I would like to ask someone to forward me the following o-ring: from the UK to Cyprus. I will pay for the cost, postage and any troubles of course. I just cannot...
  4. Alan_uk

    Audi Tradition costs post Brexit

    Article on the BBC website re people in shock over the fees to import items. Besides VAT and duty there are fees charged by the courier for collecting the vat & duty. Post Office is £8, DHL is 2.5% minimum £11 and TNT a flat £4.31. However, vat is...
  5. sarcho

    A broken jewel - Urgent help needed: new rear axle, parts and advice...

    Helly fellow A2 lovers! Back in May, I've bought this little jewel: Isn't she lovely? Is 1.4 petrol and had 118,000 miles under her belt when I bought it. I knew that the rear axle is really rusty and I would need to replace it at some point in the near future, but I decided to postpone the...
  6. andrew007007

    Spare parts - Nantwich Cheshire

    Was on the phone today to the above and they have two a2 in for scrap. Could not get want i wanted but thought i would post it on the site for other members. Link below;
  7. E

    Catalytic Converter part

    The 'middle' cat on my A2 needs changing and the independent garage that I use is having trouble getting hold of the part for a 1.6 (apparently the part for a 1.4 is different?) They suggested ringing Audi and getting the part myself and then my garage can fit it but Audi have quoted me about...