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    Pepperpot Tyre Size

    Hi, i have managed to find a set of pepperpots locally for a good price. currently the tyres on them are as follows: 2 x 185/60R15 - these are barely legal 2 x 185/65R15 - brand new, almost no wear I need to replace the 2 old tyres, but if i put on new 185/65R15 are these too big? i dont...
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    Pepperpots weight Inc tyre

    Hi there I am trying to find out the weight for 1 pepperot Inc tyre Can someone please find out this information? Thanks in advance Gaz
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    Sourcing Pepper Pot Alloys

    What is the best way to source OEM Audi Genuine Pepper Pot Alloys for the A2? Looking for new or mint conditions ones? Will Audi be able to source them? Other useful information would be: Did they only come as an option with certain years? Did they come in one size or more than one? Do...
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    Pardon my ignorance, but English is not my native language. Users of this forum often mention “Audi pepperpots” wheels. Google shows me how “Audi pepperpots” looks like but I am curious about the word itself. What is a pepperpot? Slang? Please enlighten me :D