1. D

    Information collection for audio system guide

    Hello, I would like to gather all necessary data about all factory standard radio configurations in order to write a concise guide that facilitates modifications of the audio system, e.g. install better speakers or aftermarket radios. The guide should be structured as follows: Overview of all...
  2. mars

    The Head Unit Thread

    Hi! I had a couple questions about Audi A2 head units, modifications, compatibility, adapters, and all that - and I realized, while looking for answers to them, that information on the topic is frustratingly decentralized. So I felt I should pay back the forum that gave it to me at all with an...
  3. OleBen

    BOSE system connectors to aftermarked radio

    Hello, In my A2 that I bought a few month ago, there is a BOSE system and a Kenwood radio. But the previous owner had only hooked it up with power but not connected it to the BOSE system, so no sound. So I removed the unit today, and found these connectors. The ISO connectors are the standard...
  4. R

    Mustard coloured plug.

    I have fitted the komfortblinker and noticed a mustard coloured connector hanging down from behind the radio? I have a chorus radio cassette(WHOOO) fitted and a sony multichanger. Any ideas on what the connector is?
  5. A

    Faulty Stereo

    Hi, Go easy on me I'm new here and new to the A2. Since yesterday, since putting my key into the ignition and turning the engine on, my stereo (standard fit I believe) the screen has been blank and none of the buttons are responsive. I then turned the engine off and left it for a bit but it is...
  6. W

    No FM Radio!

    Hi All, After collecting my A2 I was on the way home when I thought Id see what stations I could find so pressed the auto-scan button only to find it erased all the pre-set stations! After endless time spent outside with the manual trying to find any FM stations I give up!! The only thing I...
  7. M

    NEW TO THE CLUB! Buying double din radio + Sub. !!!!HELP!!!!!

    Hi all, Im a new a2 owner and have only just passed my driving test and was wondering about the audio system in my car. I really want to put a sub or 2 in my car and a new radio in the front. Preferably a double din radio because they look nice and work well. If anyone has put speakers or a...
  8. girindor

    Left loudspeaker and front windows - weird behaviour

    Hi, Just got my A2 1.4 TDI and love it. However, am having a few issues with the electronics... My left loudspeaker sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. And my front windows, especially the left one, when trying to close them, close and then automatically open again. The only way to...
  9. R

    Powered radio aerial??

    The diversity unit in my boot well has died due to the common water in the boot problem because of a dodgy air vent. Hopefully (fingers crossed), the leak is now sorted but the radio reception is completely knackered. Have tried another A2's diversity unit in it but reception is only mildy...
  10. R

    Radio reception has suddenly stopped

    I was driving my 1.4TDi SE a while back, whilst it still belonged to my mum, when all of a sudden the radio reception disppeared. Having read some of the other threads on here, the radio aerial appears to be in the back windscreen. This hasn't been damamged, and seeing as it was working one...
  11. J

    My dying battery saga

    Well it is not over yet. Been going on for months now but at least at the moment it takes about a month between total drains of the battery. So a very random thing that happens to the car to drain it out of the blue overnight. And last night as I walked past it I SAW the problem! My radio was...