1. E

    [Rear Suspension Mount] - SKF VKDA 40104T

    Hi all, I just opened the box for a set of SKF rear suspension mounts and found out that they have got to be VAG OEMs. You can clearly see the VAG/Audi logo ground off. These cost roughly 18 EUR for a set of two. Evros
  2. K

    TDi90 Rear hub/bearing Question - part no. etc

    Can someone help clarify this so I can get parts ordered for work being done later in the week... I'm having the rear disc brakes of my TDi90 completely overhauled and that includes having the hubs off to fit rear splash plates, I'm considering fitting new hub/bearings at this point as it...
  3. Birchall

    Rear spoiler based on the votex - would you be interested?

    Hi, I am considering having some spoilers made using the Votex rear spoiler as a base. The end result should look identical. But I need to have a rough idea of how many people would be interested (no commitment yet) so I can get some costs put together. I will not be making any money on...
  4. wilco184

    Faulty Rear Interior Light Repair

    Hello. I noticed recently that when opening any of the doors, only the front interior lights illuminated. The rear lights would illuminate only when the front light was set to be always on using the rocker switch, which is different to other cars and certainly does not seem conventional. I...
  5. wilco184

    Rear Seat Disassembly

    Hello, It would seem I need to replace/attempt a repair on the left rear seat locking mechanism as the handle pulls up but the pin does not move. Therefore, how would I go about removing the lock from the seat as it would appear that the back of the seat has to be removed to access this...
  6. Albertofrog

    Heated rear windscreen - bottom only working

    Hi All The top half of our A2's rear windscreen heating element has recently stopped working - I've no reason to think that it's been damaged. Does anyone know of likely causes and whether it's possible to repair such a problem without replacing the rear windscreen and if so what's...