1. Alan_uk

    Removing the front side indicator repeater

    I've done a search and there are threads on removing the front wing but none mention removing the front side indicator repeater. I see that the repeater has a clip on the inside of the wing and this releases it but it only come out via the outside of the wing. Either there is a plug and socket...
  2. L

    How to replace low beam bulb Audi a2

  3. L

    How to change Anti roll bar / stabilizer / drop link bar under 10 min

  4. L

    How to change Front shock absorber

  5. L

    How to change Front shock absorber on Audi A2 Part 1

  6. L

    How to remove the wiper arms on Audi A2 1.4 tdi part 1

  7. Alan_uk

    Viewing behind rear bumper without removal?

    Is it possible to view behind the rear bumper without removing it. i.e. by releasing the screws on the rear under tray and then peering into the rear of the bumper? I need to check that my rear parking sensors have been installed correctly; they must be fitted to a particular orientation.
  8. jannes

    Removing 1.4 petrol (AUA) intake manifold (+ System Too Lean troubleshooting)

    Anyone know of a guide or have any tips on how to remove the intake manifold on the 1.4 petrol? I had a quick peek and it seems straight-forward apart from the fact that's it's in the tight space but of course a few words of advice from someone who has completed this would be great.
  9. Alan_uk

    Removing the front wing - question

    I've searched the forum but cannot find an answer. 1 .To remove the front wing is it necessary to remove the side sills? 2. To remove the 2 bolts inside the door: can this be done with the door on (i.e. just opened) 3. Once the wing is off, does the lower black parts easily detach or are they...
  10. E

    Removing double din radio

    Hi everyone, another question for you may sound stupid but do i need the removal keys to get the stereo out ? Ive got dash removal tools but dont want to force anything so some instructions would be a great help. Thank you
  11. M

    Brake pedal removal - how to?

    Hello My wife just returned from work with the brake lights stuck on and a little broken, black plastic plunger in the footwell. Obviously from the brake light switch. I found the switch, removed it & glued the plunger back in with superglue, just to tide me over until the new one arrives...
  12. Y

    1.4 16v rocker arms/hydraulic lifters

    Evening all! As you (may or may not) know i have an intermittant misfire on my 1.4 16v (AUA) A2. This has got progressively worse and is looking more like a knackered hydraulic lifter or rocker arm (very tappety at tickover; this is when it starts misfiring) on cylinder 1. It could also be a...