1. Grace Somerfield

    No back seat handle!!

    I've searched through many of the back seat threads and cannot seem to find anyone with this problem so apologies if this has already been solved! When I purchased my A2 (April last year for my first car) there was no rear seat "handle" for the right back seat. (The "handle" which lifts the...
  2. andrew007007

    Seats Replacement.....

    Looking to replace my seats. Would prefer half leather and if heated and could be wired all the More. Can anyone confirm what seats fit from other cars and can heated be wired ? Does anyone on here do this as well ? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Andrew
  3. tagscuderia

    Dismantling rear seats.

    Hello all, so I've got some new (for me) leather sport seats but there are parts from my original seats that are in better shape. I've found an exploded view of the rear seats but I can't get to grips with how you'd remove parts 11 and 20, can anybody shed any light on this? Alternatively, feel...