1. putyourmittenson

    1.4tdi Starting Issue

    Hi, My first post to the forums as new A2 owner. Hopefully you guys can help out. I recently purchased an A2 of off a fellow a2oc member, however have now discovered an issue with it starting. When you try to start the car it turns over on the starter motor but doesn't fire up, usually...
  2. G

    A2 starting problem

    Hi guys, I've not been on here for some time as the trusty A2 has been running like clockwork. Anyway, this morning I went out to start the little thing, and it didn't! The temperature display and left hand dial lights were all out, but the right hand dial lights worked (ABS etc.) The engine...
  3. ceonke

    1.2 TDI ignition issue

    Hello, Recently I had clutch replaced, and due to lack of time, didn't manage to do adaptation same day.Next day my audi started do strange things. There was -20 C when I started engine, everything looked ok, but when tried to drive ( put lever to D ) gearbox was acting like in neutral gear...
  4. A

    intermittent starting problem

    I sold my old A2 1.4 TDI to a good friend a couple of years ago... He loves it (I've now got a newer one, so everybody's happy) but recently it's developed an occasional problem... It always starts when cold, but sometimes, having warmed up properly but then briefly stopped, it just won't start...
  5. D

    A2 TDI90 2004 Engine Ref ATL. Won't Start

    Hello. My starting problem is that the engine will turn over but take ages to 'catch'. Afterwards it will run normally. The only fault codes generated diagnosed an engine temp sensor problem and a No 1 glowplug fault so I swapped the temp sensor and all was well. Then after a day of starting...
  6. P12MOO

    1.4 Petrol Thermostat location / guide to fix?

    Hi all, Hope you can help. Off and on for the past few months we have had problems starting the A2 (1.4 petrol) and also the fans in the car have felt weak. Had some time to look into the problems last weekend and to resolve the fans problem I removed the glove box and took out the...
  7. F

    1.4 Petrol makes a bizarre noise when starting

    Like an elephant... that's the best way to describe it. Dunno whether it's cogs jumping or something, don't have any problems starting it just makes the most bizarre noise. Any ideas ??