1. C

    A2 1.4 tdi 75 front suspension knocking

    Hi Have a knocking noise from the front end and need to gather some parts. Local garage has suggested that a spring is supposedly broken, and shocks are leaking, so I guess it makes sense to do a front end overhaul. Car is something like 170-180k (can’t remember :)) Where is the best place...
  2. S

    Rear axle beam failure

    Can anyone suggest where I can get a rear axle beam at a reasonable price and in good condition? Today something broke quite spectacularly due to corrosion and the garage say I need a new rear axle beam which seems right. The thing that supports the spring on the rear has completely dropped and...
  3. E

    [Rear Suspension Mount] - SKF VKDA 40104T

    Hi all, I just opened the box for a set of SKF rear suspension mounts and found out that they have got to be VAG OEMs. You can clearly see the VAG/Audi logo ground off. These cost roughly 18 EUR for a set of two. Evros
  4. bye_bye_alfa

    New front legs, shockers, spring... DIY fit possible?

    Hi all Wonder if you guys could give me a bit of advice please. It appears I need to replace the shockers on the front of the car, now, also have a broken spring on one side. As it's a 2002 TDi with a fair few miles on, I'm wondering if it's worth fixing, as most other parts are still the...
  5. K

    FK coilovers ?? Non-KONI etc

    FK ST KW coilovers Non-KONI etc I've been hesitatant to post this thread as I'm aware there are a number of older and extensive posts regarding suspension, primarily for conventional damper and spring set ups. However, after reading heaps of posts including a lot of historical stuff on other...
  6. G

    1.2 tdi front suspension died!

    Hello everyone On my way to the store a loud "CLUNK" from the front right of the car. Steering started pulling heavily to the right. On my way back jacked the car, removed the wheel, ball bearings raining and this: The front of the car has been nose diving when braking since I have it so I...
  7. F

    Anti-Roll bar link rods torque setting for nuts

    I have to change the anti-Roll bar link rods on my A2 1.4 petrol as the boot on one is deteriorated slightly and was an advisory on the last MOT. I looked on the thread for the list of commonly needed torque settings for various nuts and bolts on the car but couldn't find any figures for the...
  8. timmus

    The Definitive Suspension Parts List

    If you're looking to do a complete suspension overhaul, you'll need a collection of miscellaneous parts. The purpose of this thread is to keep an up-to-date list of part numbers. Choose your dampers, springs and drop links and add the following for a complete renewal of the suspension. 6N0 412...
  9. tagscuderia

    Driver's side front suspension issue.

    Bought an A2 a couple of weeks back, serviced and MOT'd and also had the Audi dealer "complimentary health check." Only flags are rear tyres with 2.2mm tread and 80% worn front bake pads. Everything else (apart from my other thread regards a creaking dash)... big thumbs up! Well, almost; I'm...
  10. A

    creaking rear suspension

    Does anybody know what this could be. I have some distinct creaking noises from the rear suspension. Car has only done 480000 miles and just passed the mot but sounds like a spanish galleon under sail. Anybody help thanks
  11. dilbert

    Getting Disenchanted with my A2

    OK, I know that it is heresy on the forum to say this, but after 3 years of ownership my wife and I equally are becoming fed up with the A2. Despite the car having oodles of appeal in terms of novelty, economy, gizmos, etc. we're thinking of trading it in for a Massey Ferguson tractor to get...
  12. P

    Front Shock Replacement

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and the info here is AWESOME. I've had my beautiful little A2 for just over 2 weeks and I'm loving it!! It's a 2001 (Y reg) SE model and for it's age still in bloody good condition. I need to replace my front shocks (as i feel they're going to land in my lap...
  13. R

    Unusual tire wear advice please

    Hi, My 2003 A2 TDi Sport 75 which has done 80,000 miles is wearing the inside of the drivers front tyre. Quick-fit checked the wheel alignment and it was fine. I understand they can only adjust the track rods and other factors could be causing the problem. I have read through a lot of info...