tdi 90

  1. J

    TDI 90, VCDS Errors, and Garage suggestions in South East England.

    Hello All! Long time lurker, first time account holder and poster. My Silver TDI 90 has been sitting for a while. I am now working to get it back on the road. Having run VCDS Lite I get the following errors: Chassis Type: 8Z - Audi A2 Scan: 01,02,03,08,15,16,17,18,37,45,46,56,57,75,76,77...
  2. andrew007007


    Been stealthed. What a car! Must admit been talking about having my sport 90 stealthed for a long time. Picking peoples brains, getting advice etc. Flew out to turkey on the 16th July, only to find out our holiday company went bust two days later. Thank god for the caa - no problems for us...