1. C

    1.4TDi Temp Gauge above 90°C

    My temperature gauge has always been rock solid at 90°C once warmed up regardless of driving condition (motorways or in town). I've recently had a cam belt change as I was unsure when it was changed last (Odo 186,000) and had the water pump changed at the same time as a precautionary. Last month...
  2. A

    What is this for?

    Any explanation about this? Some time show’s -45°(I don’t know much about car’s) Temperatura outside it was 1°
  3. R

    New to the club, and appreciative of advice already!

    Hi All I've recently taken ownership of a '53 1.6 Sport. Following the destruction of my previously cherished Golf V GTi by a driver that fell asleep and smashed into me, I wanted a quirky, future classic, iconic car, and this one ticked the boxes. It seems a great little car, looks like...
  4. Topsie

    G62 Coolant Temperature Sensor

    So, i've done a bit of research and it would appear that the G62 temperature sender sends 2 signals; One to the on board temperature display on the dash and the other to the ECU (Please correct me if i'm mistaken!) My issue is, if i connect via OBD, the temperature is reading between...
  5. pandsnolan

    ECU repair advice

    1.6fsi 109k Hi following my post last friday the A2 has been in the garage and been tested , although for me it shows all the head gasket symptoms , runs cold and then dies when warmed up , and I am pretty sure there was at least one spot of water by the expansion tank. Anyway the guy in the...
  6. P

    Heating problem

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated: My A2 is a 54 plate. I have an intermittent problem (although it's happening more & more). When I try to lower the temperature it doesn't reduce! It just continues to pump out hot air! I'm hoping we can sort it before the summer although the sooner the...
  7. Dionisis

    Problem With air heat.

    Hello all and happy new year. I have a problem some days now and i can't find a way out to solve it. I have the 1.4 edition with the electric control panel. Some days now even i set tempure at max and the car is allready worm up, it still blow out only cold air in the campine. Anyone have...
  8. M

    Temp gauge is staying at 30 whist driving only going up when in traffic

    Hi all, My A2 Fsi is going well except for a couple of issues I cannot identify the reason as to why. My car starts fine everytime but the temp gauge never goes higher than 30 unless I'm in traffic. Also I'm only getting hot air from the car after 30 mins of driving or in traffic. I have a...
  9. A

    External temperature sensor

    Hello everyone, first post on here so treat me gently! It's actually not my car but my wife Rebecca's (who is on here as... err .... Rebecca :D ). We've noticed that the external temperature is overreading - it's consistently about 3 degrees over what the temperature actually is. It's been...
  10. L

    Over temp Under load.

    Can any one help !! 1.4 TDI 2 symptoms, under high load (high speed for more than 5 mins) temp starts to climb to about 100 C. I slow down, start stop driving etc back to 90 C as normal. 2nd symptom no heating set air con to a toasty 25 C. No blower as normal untill engine has warmed up then...
  11. A

    Help tdi temperature sensor wiring connector

    My replacement green coolant temperature sender 4 pin vw audi pt 059 919 501 A does not fit the male electrical connector on my 2001 1.4 TDI (the existing black sensor also has a D connection, but it is smaller). This is clearly a case where size matters. Is there an adaptor available to...