1. T

    No new Borgwarner TDI90 turbo's in the Country???

    I have posted here before about my bad experience trying to get a TDI90 turbo refurbed. To recap, in short, it seemed the refurb company couldn't accurately set the stop screw. This resulted in no boost below 2100 revs and then a great surge above 2100 revs. I gave them three attempts and ruled...
  2. D

    Tdi 90 Throttle Actuator Turbo EGR control circuit

    2004 Tdi 90 150,000 miles. Drove to London last night, first long journey in a while. Mix of stop/start in roadworks and 70 mph cruising. Parked up and starting the car again after a couple of hours noticed that it didn’t start first time, which is unusual as it always starts well. Started...
  3. L

    Turbo problem after new cam belt fitted

    I have a '52 plate A2, 1.4 tdi, and a couple of months ago had a new cam belt fitted at a local garage (not Audi dealership). Since then, all the power seems to have drained away! Particularly on motorways when trying to get above 70, or on anything remotely looking like a hill. The other...
  4. T

    A2 1.4 TDI Random Turbo Failure

    Over the past year, the turbo on my 1.4 TDI A2 randomly cuts out - not too often, but still annoying nonetheless, particularly when you are cruising on the motorway and suffer a sudden loss of turbo - without the turbo the 1.4 engine is pathetic! The loss of the turbo occasionally occurs...
  5. C

    When do you know its new Turbo Time? (75tdi)

    Hello all, Long time lurker, with so much information in older posts Not had much need to ask again. However my car just in for a service at independent VAG specialist, Straightline Performance Malvern Worcestershire. I asked them to check over the turbo particularly the waste gate as...
  6. andylonghurst

    TDI Turbo Power Loss (solutions and did not fix only)

    I know there are lots of posts about this but there very messy. This post is to post solutions and work carried out that did not fix the problem ONLY. Please dont spam with speculation. I have this issue and changed hoses and the MAF but the problem is still there although I only lose power...
  7. W

    My A2 is a hairdryer. Help!

    My A2 1.4TDI drove like a hairdryer this morning! No power at all. In the end it did manage to get to 60mph, but it really wasn't right. I stopped after about 15 miles, dropped my daughter off at school. When I got back in the car - it was fine - accelerating as it should. Has anyone else had...
  8. R

    Strange noise after remap like metal tinkling

    Hi All, I have recently had my 1.4 TDi 75 PS remapped. It's been remapped from 73 BHP - 144 Torque (lbft) up to 105BHP - 207 Torque (lbft) The improvement is astounding, the car is much more fun to drive now and relaxed driving is much easier with less gear changing etc. However...
  9. Wimbers

    200 BHP 1.8T a2

    I could not find a thread on this one here, but some dude in Germany Built a 1.8T audi A2 with a donor body, engine etc, with TUV on it. (maybe Erstens has posted it once though) check the forum in german, but the pictures say more than thousand words. i came across it while searching if...