1. MOI

    4 time A2 TDI SE owner (West Yorkshire, UK)

    How do chaps/chapesses? Well I'm not sure why its taken me so long to find this community but better late than never I guess. Having owned 4 of these incredible cars you'd think I have an intimate knowledge of them but the truth is I could sell the virtues of owning an A2 but ask me to change...
  2. L.Hurst

    225/45/17 TT alloys on my A2?

    Hi there, Im new to all this, and I have just brought a set of 2000 Audi TT alloys for a price I could not say no too. I have experimented and fitted them, but they rub slightly on the full lock. I've looked to see if anyone else has put 225/45/17 wheels on there A2, but can not find anyone. So...