🎶 We’ll meet again, don’t know where don’t know when 🎶


Look forward to it but I'll have to wash and polish the cars 1st looking at all those beauties.


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Hello Steve,

That really was a great day which my whole family enjoyed. I’m sure this was my first social.

My boys still mention how amazing it was to see so many A2s and ask when can we do it again.

The route had some stunning views which Ive not really noticed the many times visiting that area with work.

Things that stuck in my mind are admiring Tom’s @timmus brilliant 120 engine with its upgrades and watching someone fitting a bespoke number plate surround. Cannot forget my boys enjoying the water park.

Truly memorable day where I was able to put a face to so many members usernames.

Fingers crossed we can get together again soon.

The questions is though, which highly modified A2 will we all be following next time!

Kind regards,

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The one the year after in 2018 was even bigger and a went over 2 days. A lot of driving but some lovely scenery and a good turnout.