1/18 scale model being offered in 2021 by DNA collectibles


Are these the ones at £118 each?

The two available Audi Models (A1 quattro, TT 8N) have a price of £186 (TT currently reduced).

I'm all for red naturally, however the vote distribution looks a bit weird already with lots of votes coming in for Orange fairly close together. It's like there are now more votes for Papaya than there are Papaya A2s :rolleyes:. Maybe someone will trade theirs for a model of it 😅

At the fairly high price it's not like many people would have bought a bunch of colours, so I was kinda hoping they could just do the 3 "standard" Storm Colours - the current distribution looks more like the opposite, even with CS silver already being available in 1:43.


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This is going to upset a lot of people. Obviously the company will not produce the model in all colours. So the "debate" about what colour is pointless. The only solution is produce it in say the 3 most sold car colours AND sell an unpainted one that needs screwing the chassis on after placing the glazing inside. At least that way any one could get an unpainted one to paint in their choice of colour, even if that colour was never available. Could even make a white colour storm for example. Plus for the price I would expect highly detailed including interior, coloured rear lights, badges, realistic wheels with perhaps even a removable bonnet by opening the service flap.


Well, they have recently introduced a Volvo Estate in multiple colours as opposed to just one for most of their products.

The interior is usually fairly well done, I would say (See their TT for example) and anything exterior should be pretty much on point, however judging from unboxings of some of their models, nothing opens or moves on the models.


Got this bad boy bought as a Christmas gift, has Hamleys stickers on it? Its second hand and bought as abit of fun no doubt! Uses 2 AA batterys and is louder than my tdi lol!!


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Asked DNA on facebook yesterday on when and what colours will be released. Here's their response "Hello, it will be available in a couple of months. It will be the color storm version in orange, red, blue and yellow."

So the guys voting orange and red against each other can take a break now😂