1.4 and the 1.6 petrol

Hi my fellow a2'ers,

Few questions please.

Open sky roof not working so how much would it cost to repair?

Also whats the difference between the 1.4 and 1.6 petrol in terms of performance economy etc.

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Hi if your open sky roof is not working contact @Kleynie :). I’ve got a 1.6 FSI and a 1.4 petrol and I’ve got my 1.6 FSI up to 37MPG around town and up to 42 ish mpg on the motorway the 1.4 is fairly the same MPG wise
If you want a reliable A2 go for the 1.4 petrol :)

The 1.6 FSI’S are great when there working but a pain when they go wrong and are very costly as I’ve found out :):rolleyes:

As long as you get a 1.6 FSI or 1.4 petrol with good service history I can’t see you having many issues at all

Thanks :)
What he said above!! Except the 1.4 is probably more economical. I get 46mpg on a decent run.
Not so i'm afraid, it's the other way around. The fsi was a clever and very beneficial concept invention, if flawed, by Audi motorsport in it's quest to dominate Le Mans which it succeeded like no other Manufacturer ever has! The Fsi is better on fuel than the 1.4 from my experience we have both. We've, meaning a few of us, recently have written about the whys and wherefores of a 1.4 versus 1.6 fsi elsewhere.

AudiLondonLion Have a look on the forum on the subject in the meantime i'll try to find the thread.
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Guess it depends how you drive.

AudiLondonLion - the real question you should be asking is 'what is the difference between a 1.4 and 1.6 in terms of reliability'? And bear in mind all these cars are around 15 years old now.

As suggested above - have a look at the forum.


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As mentioned Kleynie is your man for OSS repair. Cost wise it will depend on what is wrong. Some costs are quoted in the first post of his OSS service thread.



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I have a TDI, but have done long motorway runs in both the 1.6FSI and 1.4MPI. The 1.6 is usually fractionally more economical on fuel, but it must be run on 98RON fuel, meaning that the 1.4 is marginally more economical on a cost per mile basis.
The 1.6 is the faster of the two, as you'd expect, but I don't feel the performance advantage is enough to compensate for the 1.6's appalling reliability record. The 1.4 is also much lighter at the front, meaning it handles better than the 1.6.
If I had to have a petrol-powered A2, I'd have a 1.4 ...though I can't deny that I'd miss the oomph and economy of the TDI.


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Captain059 - I'd be much closer to your figures but without a particularly heavy right foot.

Olerype - yes how do you get those figures? Doubt you get our traffic congestion in Norway but on the other hand you do have somewhat more mountainous terrain than we have!

Best i managed in the 1.4 on (99 ron makes a difference) sticking to the speed limits religiously without hyper miling was this. That was from completely empty filled up at least 7 clicks on the pump and taken down as far as i dare running on fumes with the computer reading 0 miles left for the last 15 miles before i could find petrol.

I'm finding the 1.6 fsi 15% better on fuel around town on cold starts etc etc. We used to get only 320 max out of the 1.4 trying, where as in the fsi we're getting between 370 - 380 on a tank. Travelling up to Scotland next week with an overnighter in the Lakes so will get the opportunity to finally see what the fsi is capable of.


Had twp different 300miles trips in the 1.4i AUA and as remember it was 58 mpg by the pump. But now bit unsure, am I remembering wrong..? Need to do some new checks in future, will be back.

Maybe it is the engine light «mixture too lean» (faulty injectors?) that does the magic hehe..
I would put up with slightly lower mpg figures of the 1.4 than buy an FSI...................they are BIG trouble when they go wrong and unless you're happy to spend more money on repairs than the small benefit the FSI will give you then I would stay stay well clear...................ask owners about manifold flaps, eml lights etc etc...................


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I have a 2003 1.4 petrol (243k miles) with the 42 litre tank. It delivers me from Coalville to Lincoln and back everyday along the A46 (10 minutes on local roads, 60 minutes on A roads followed by another 10 minutes on local roads). I religiously set the cruise to 60mph and consistently reach 50-53mpg average. The best I have achieved is 58mpg but that’s only at 60mph on the A roads (not entire journey), soon as I navigate the local roads it drops c5mpg.

I always use Shell fuel saver but have had increased mpg with Shell Ultimate, but only 1-3mpg better so really not worth the additional cost.

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Agree - you've got the fuelly box in your post showing 40.5mpg - only being average on computer stuff, how does one add this?
Sign up at the link I provided, then start entering the quantity of fuel and your mileage each time you fill up. They have a smartphone app if that's what you prefer. I started using it a little earlier this year after joining in previous similar conversations here on the basis of my DIS display readings.
Fuelly give you a choice of several different display options you can paste into your signature to share your mpg here.
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