1.6fsi clutch problems


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The car is a 1.6fsi and has covered 91000 miles, a warning light came on 5 days ago that was the brake fluid light so I topped it up, the car is now low again I topped it up but it is currently leaking fluid from under the engine on the very bottomfrom a join of two parts, the clutch pedal is completely dead it goes up and down but feels like it’s not connected to the clutch at all. Until this point the car has been fine and I haven’t had any other issues the clutch seemed fine and everything was running well, I’m just at a loss I really have no idea, does anyone have any advice on what it could be ??
I think you will have to clarify "a join of two parts", maybe a picture. Why not simply fix/have fixed the leak?

Unlikely to be the clutch at 91k but I am no expert but I do have a memory the abs and clutch share a common element.

Seems like the clutch slave cylinder has failed. I believe it’s fitted to the top of the gearbox on the FSI so should be an easy fix, but the leak could have contaminated the clutch lining so this may also require replacement. Change the cylinder first and see if the clutch works.