1.6FSi Warm Start Problem


Hi All,
I need to reach out for the help of the A2 Gurus again. My A2 was SORNd over lock down and I took it out for the first run at the weekend. All was going well and running nice and smooth but then I stopped off at the shop and then it wouldn't fire up any more. I'd replaced the battery just before lock-down so that was strong but it just wouldn't catch, it would fire, splutter and then cut out. Eventually a kind soul got it going and appeared to feather the throttle but it stalled on the way home and I couldn't get it going again. I gave up and got a lift home but went back a couple of hours later and it fired up just fine, it was 5-10 mins drive home but when I shut it off again it wouldn't restart. So I'm going to guess that I have a warm starting problem. I've checked out a few of the other threads and seen mention of crank and temp sensors but couldn't make complete sense of it all.

Any suggestions of where to start?

Oh the EML light is on but that's normal as I still haven't had the inlet manifold flaps recalibrated after the inlet rebuild.

As ever, I appreciate any help.

Many Thanks, Jeff


I had the same on my last fsi . Never understood why or solved it .as it was a bit random.... it would happen 2 or 3 times predictably in a week .ie pop into a shop for 20 mins and come back out and i would not fire or appeared to only fire on one cylinder and not get going . I would leave it to cool and it was ok .
I did get to a point where i really pumped the fuel and ran the starter through the splutters.it would go.
The problem would disappear and then come back months later .... I did change the high pressure fuel pump in the period which seemed to make a big difference but I remember it doing it still once or twice randomly even after this .
Ive got another fsi now so if you solve it let us all know .