2nd time round 1.4 TDI


Hi guys, in 2002 I was the very proud owner of my first company car, I went for a TDI A2 SE in silver, DU02URJ. Over the course of 3 years I managed to cover 100k miles in it, with many trips up and down the UK and France on business. It was a great car only needing servicing, tyres and an electric window switch.
Fast forward to 2019 and my circumstances mean I’m now getting a good mileage rate for using my own car and rather then keep spending the money on hire cars (we were a one car family) I have bought an A2 to be my company car again. I have gone and bought something cheap and then within a couple of months it will have paid for itself. Then I can either slowly up-grade or do up the one I have. So hello BP53LKX a 1.4 TDI Sport, with the old one I had the Aero wiper done as a recall but alas it had the small fuel tank. This new one has both and also had a working DIS. 170k on the clock but feels great, had a good MOT history and was cheap and local ( tricky combination down here in Cornwall). So you will see a lot more of me on the forum from now on. I was on the original one also. Now off to sort out that dodgy fuel release button and temp gauge!