3D printing help - Jacking point covers


This happens to all of us, one of the jacking point covers (original) has gone missing.
I thought I had a couple of spares in the basement, but nope, walking past my 3D printer I thought to myself, I could print some!

But searching thingiverse and some other sites, no luck. :confused:

If someone here is skilled in 3D modeling and would take the time to re-create a jacking point cover (doesn't matter which side), that would be awesome!
And I'm sure there are more people on here than me who has a 3D printer and could benefit from this.



A2OC Donor
They are so commonly available from the ethical breakers we have on the forum that I’ve never bother with construction of the cad files
They would need a fair amount of post printer finishing because of the curved face
Then factor in that the front and back are different so that’s two cad models to make
The left to right is dead easy that’s just a mirror of the cad model

They are printable so when the time comes that second hand ones are no longer then I will certainly cad them up then

Cheers. Paul

Ps. if getting second hand ones then ensure you get the correct ones they have two letter on the back of each cover German for front/rear. And left/right if I remember correctly

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