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I bought my gf a 2002 tdi75. She is a fitness instructor and does quite a lot of miles going from health club to health club. Wanted a funky car that is good on fuel. Did a reasonably accurate mpg check and bang on 60mpg mix of motorway and urban. Bloody amazing. £30 a year road tax is a nice little bonus too.
Worth their weight in GOLD! :D
Yes they are, which is why it’s such a shame that so many are being broken for parts. In my youth nearly every car I had rust was the enemy. Marinas, Hunters, Avengers, Rover SD1’s & P6’s etc. These A2’s are just wonderful. It’s just a case of bolting replacement parts on and regular maintenance.


Don’t forget to wave at me as you pass through Hambledon on your way through to the Morestead road. And if you want those seats I still have them!

Maybe I could get more if I had a full week of motorway, I commute from Chichester to Hursley (near Winchester) so if the traffic is bad I route through Bishops Waltham or, if it's really bad, through Denmead and the Morestead road. The car also gets used for quite a few short journeys to ferry kids around.

Assuming it passes it's MOT this month I'll get a replacement front under tray as mine is missing, that might help a tiny bit :)