A massive thank you to Mike & Yvonne as they step down as A2OC social secretaries

Darren C

Admin Team
After 12 years at the helm of A2OC socials, Mike and Yvonne have elected to take a step back with immediate effect. The Admin Team would like to extend significant heartfelt gratitude to both for their relentless dedication, enthusiasm and time and effort shown during this period. The A2OC social scene is a significant part of the club, it has helped to unite members common interests by effectively bringing the forum to life in a physical sense. Mike and Yvonne have been instrumental in bringing the community together in this regard. Such is the success of the A2OC social scene that it has far outreached the basics that have enabled members to exchange experiences in person. Life-long friendships have been formed and the camaraderie and shared passion that is the A2, has brought many together from diverse backgrounds. This is made all the more special when you take into account the volunteer nature of the social secretary roles that have made this possible.

With the above in mind, the void left by the departure of Mike and Yvonne is self-evident. The Team are working together to agree a resolution that builds upon the successes and legacy that Mike and Yvonne leave behind, such that any change is seamless in nature for the membership. We hope to announce these changes in the coming weeks.

At this juncture, we ask that you respect the decision of Mike and Yvonne to step aside and join us in extending significant gratitude, and in wishing them all the very best in the future.


A2OC Donor
Sadly all good things inevitably come to an end. Mike and Yvonne always made us feel welcome and an instant part of this wonderful A2 family at every meeting that they organised.
Their dedication and hard work have made A2 social events the most important dates to be put on the calendar.
Many thanks and appreciation from us all for their efforts in making the social scene as strong and thriving as it is today.


Admin Team
Sincere thanks to you both for well organised events. Another relative newby but hope to see ypu both at future do's.

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A2OC Donor
Thanks to you both for what was, I'm sure, a huge sacrifice and commitment for the benefit of all club members. You have both been so welcoming and friendly to my wife and I (as has everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting)
May the work you have done, be continued in the same spirit :)


Admin Team
Enjoy your 'retirement' :D and many thanks to both of you for looking after our shows and socials so well for so long. You were most welcoming to me when I first turned up as a newbie (not all that long ago). It all looks so seamless at your organised events, I'm sure we don't realise the half of how much work it has taken - but are about to find out, yours will be hard shoes to fill!


I’m afraid I never had the the pleasure to meet Yvonne and Mike but your contribution to the club and legendary hospitality has always preceded you...


Thank you Mike and Yvonne from the bottom of my heart...
You welcomed John and I with open arms.
You kept in touch with us, especially when he became ill.
You supported me when we lost him in May.
You were key to his Celebration of Life in September.
You take friendship to a different level. The A2 family at it's best.
Love you guys XXX 😘

den's a2

Thanks Mike and Yvonne for all your hard work for the last 12 years you guys put in the club, you welcome me into the club and never looked back, i really hope I see you guys around and enjoy your retirement


Admin Team
Thank you all for the kind words--The decision has not been easy for us to make but the last two years we have been hinting at stopping doing the social side of the club with the team. We have met so many great people through the club and had so many great times together along with visiting some great places. In the years we have done the social organising we have seen members numbers increase healthily---AITP was the first social i did at one weeks notice and we had 3 A2's in attendance a few years later we had 42 A2's yes 42.
We both feel sad to be handing the baton over to someone else but feel its the correct thing to do as we both feel we can't offer the socials that others can offer. i would love to have organised more physical choices -off road karting for instance but yvonne's back won't do it and well i would probably not fit ! lol So we look forward to seeing the social move onto exciting things this year. Both sets of our parents are getting older and would like to spend more time with them.

Once again i will say "with out you we would not have a buoyant social scene" So i thank all that have taken time out to join the club. Thanks mike and yvonne


Thank you so much Mike and Yvonne for all your hard work and dedication. I‘ve been fortunate enough to attend a number of great events. My personal favourite being Stanford Hall. Thank you for warm welcomes and fantastic hospitality. I will especially remember chasing your old yellow storm around the various roundabouts on-route as part of a multi-coloured A2 convoy. Thank you and see you soon!