A2 1.4 oss suspension upgrade

Good effort and glad to hear you are pleased - a newly-fettled A2 really feels as tight as a drum if all the 'wear' parts have been replaced. I should point out that I learnt everything I write from various other older posts here, and have put my money where my keyboard is, bought the B4s and other bits, tried them and quite happy to recommend when the question is asked. Out of interest, I've missed this if you wrote it somewhere : what have you got in the way of wheels and tyres on the newly-refurbished one as this has a huge effect on the ride quality and steering feel (and probably underpinned some of the ropey ride reputation on 17" with sport suspension and heavy tyres back in the day).

My 1.4tdis are both fitted with essentially identical front suspension (barring cast vs pressed arms) and 16" SE rims all round, but one has 195/55/16 Uniroyal Rainsports (87 weight limit and reinforced sidewalls), and the other 195/45/16 Uniroyal Rainsports (84 weight limit), and while both are excellent, the feel is dramatically different owing to the significantly lighter tyres on the latter (it feels just like my other half's 1.4i with 185/50/16 Aotelis that are similarly light). The 55 profile tyred car firstly feels higher geared and longer-legged due to the circumference, but also rather like wearing walking boots compared to running spikes - yet is still responsive and nice in the corners. I do mostly motorway miles (Dundee-Plymouth) in this car and some commuting, whereas I use the 45 profiled car almost entirely for commuting and tootling about locally.
Thanks robin here she is below ..with the petrol I will at some later date take your advise on the same set up but with the suplex 03207 front springs .....tyres on Sally’s are 185 60 15 nokian weatherproof ..but the diffence in driving it from a couple of days ago is light years..
3 of the four cars have now got cast arms ..
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