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My wife has owned an A2 for many years now, and some time ago i came across a project by Audi apprentice's to create an A2 'Caddy' many of you may have seen this? I was intrigued by what i saw, and thought 'what a great idea!" But nothing happened until quite recently, when i found a local company called Surrey Auto Works to undertake the project.

We haven't got very far yet, but are certainly past to point of no return - see attached photos

I'll keep everybody posted of our progress

BTW its a 2004 1.4SE that is being converted.



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Somebody had to do it. I for one will follow your progress with interest
The best of luck.



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Great, good luck with the conversion, it should be one to watch!!!

Looking forward to seeing it at socials??

Steve B


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It is great that people are finding interesting things to do with A2s.

Some car owner's clubs would have a fit if they saw one of their types of car cut about. But that is the beauty of this club, we (well most of us at least) are happy to see people getting pleasure from an A2 and this is GREAT.

I have some plans of my own too!!!
But that would be project 3 and I am just starting project 2.

Please shout if there is anything we can do to help with this fun project of yours.

Steve B


Nice project , i look forward to more progress, id advise youl need some serious bracing as all the strengths in the roof beams a, b c d pillars and now some are removed the body shell has been severly weakoned and will be easily deformed


Thank you to all concerned for your positive and encouraging comments and offers of help. This is really just an interim update, as Surrey Auto Works are arranging to have an aluminium tub custom manufactured to provide all of the required bracing etc and this will sit on top of a fibreglass tub with drainage to remove any water that seeps in. But the most remarkable thing that we have discovered, is how strong and rigid the A2 chassis is without any additional bracing. With the roof cut-off, the lower section rear doors open and shut perfectly, and even when bouncing the car, the door gaps remain almost perfectly aligned. This seams to be mainly down to large square section aluminium members on each side running the length of the vehicle. Kaz at Surrey Auto Works assures me that this is in marked contrast to ‘normal’ hatchbacks (with their roof section cut-down), which wobble around like a jelly mould. This is a real testament to the engineering of Audi in the design and manufacture of the A2.
And yes, I will be up for a social meet in due course.


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So excited to see this progressing and it would be fab if you could bring it along to a social - audis in the park is in its tenth year next year and it would be a great place to show of your companies skills and your awesome pick up. Cheers Mike


Hi Everybody, Sorry about the long delay since the last posting, but the original sub-contractor assigned the job of manufacturing the aluminium strengthening frame by Kaz at Surrey Auto Works, kept letting us down:mad:
. So in the end we had to switch to an alternative contractor who has delivered! See attached. Hopefully, we can now make some serious progress. more postings to follow soon.:)


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Is that frame currently up side down? Does the larger end sit in what would be the rear seat foot well? This is an impressive and brave project! Like others have said, the end result will be great


The frame is part of Kaz's master plan for the conversion, so all should become a lot clearer when i make the next posting. Unlike the original Audi apprentice's pick-up, which was of course the inspiration for this project, my Caddy is going to have a drop down tailgate. We are going to use the hinges and fitment from the boot of a MINI convertible.