A2 Sport TDI 90 Engine Refresh (SMF)


I tried to find this reference again but Im afraid had no luck. Somewhere on one of the remapping forums someone had remapped a 3 cylinder and used a flywheel for a 4 cyclinder. I think because they needed an uprated clutch setup. It worked for a time but then destroyed something. I think the crankshaft or crankshaft bearings or balance shaft gave up.

Theres a discussion on balancing a flywheel using a tire balancing machine to measure the imbalance on the original and then drilling out material on the new to match the imbalance, here https://forums.tdiclub.com/index.php?threads/1-4-tdi-tuning-info.217983/page-10

These guys are running silly horsepower but



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I am also like Spike very surprised that the engine is not shaking itself to death
The removal of the dmf is not the issue it replacing it with a flywheel for a 4 cylinder engine that is the issue

The fact that you can feel a difference in vibration from before you did the change suggest to me that something is not right
I get the engine mounts are worn but they where equally worn before and the vibration was not present
I fear as does Spoke that there will be longer term problems ahead. I hope I am wrong but I just can’t get my head around why vag would have a different part number for the flywheel on the 3 and 4 cylinder engines which other than the lack of cylinder is the same engine
We all know what vag are like for using parts from the existing parts bins so a different flywheel for the 3 pot engines must mean that there is some difference
Looking at the two there is a scallop of metal removed On The 3pot flywheel, this wasn’t don’t to make it look nice !!!

I hope I’m wrong and you report back with 100k miles on the new setup and no issues but I fear not


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Few hundred miles in and all is well. We all need to bare in mind this is an engine very nearing 200k so any failures could well and truly be accelerated. The biggest change I keep forgetting is how light the clutch is, surprises me every time.