A20C gear knob?

Cloth Ears

Just a suggestion, my standard gear knob has lost a bit of the chrome trim from round the top, which feels a bit scratchy to the hand, and doesn't look so neat. I could replace it with another Audi one, but might there be any plans to make an A2OC one?


Dick Chown Award 2016

What a great idea, after all we all now know the gear positions and so that is not necessary.

I sense a call going out to Paul (Depronman) It would seem to be something that he cold 3D print with a blank top that could take a small round badge that we could have made.

I cannot remember driving an A2 that did NOT have the chrome edges worn off and "scratchy" It is strange how annoying that can be for a tiny thing like that.

It is at least worth thinking about.

Nice one Mr Ears !!!

I don't know your real first name.

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Steve B

Cloth Ears

Thanks. I like the leather of the existing knob, so something similar, but with the plastic (and 'chrome') top piece replaced by the A2OC badge would do me just fine.

I'm another Steve, by the way, and have followed your suggestion and amended my signature accordingly.


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My Friend (who is a model-maker) used his lathe to produce a suitable knob insert from aluminium bar. I've still got some of that bar. I polished it with "Solvol- Autosol" and it looks as bright as chrome. Of course, it will never flake away or deteriorate!