A2OC curry/italian night

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Event start date: Saturday 2019-04-13
Event end date: Saturday 2019-04-13
Registration ends: Friday 2019-04-05
Username Guest count Note
a2sumo a2sumo 1  
Vonnie Vonnie 1  
Proghound Proghound 3 ... confirmed, hotel booked :)
Reubenah Reubenah 1  
KekseKaempfer KekseKaempfer 1 I will bring the i3. Bring a change of pants XD
F flashzero 2 2 Adults + 1 Baby (so could do with space for a pram)
Darren C Darren C 4 2 adults and 2 children
Teresa Teresa 1  
robin robin 2 As per usual Maddy needs to check shifts mike
J Jeffers66 2 Myself and Carole, looking forward to seeing you all
ajsellors ajsellors 1  
Mustang-owner Mustang-owner 1 As usual, on my own!


Admin Team
Funny little fact about malt vinegar -- most chip shops that offer vinegar on chips are in fact not giving you vinegar but offering non brewed condiment. Water based with acetic acid and flavourings and caramel colouring.
Yes, we're wise to that one after being shown the container at a Whitby chippy. If you look at the ingredient list on pretty much every shop bought curry though, you'll see that there is normal barley in it from vinegar. We just have to be ultra cautious as it makes my wife quite ill.


Our names down and we’re coming in,
Looking forward to it as it’s possibly our only A2 social this year, look forward to seeing you all !
Cheers Jeff and Carole


Admin Team
Morning Mike & Yvonne,

You good people are now minus 1 due to being trumped by a family commitment in Oxford.

Have a great evening.

Kind regards,



A2OC Donor
If you fancy joining us -- then pm or post on here please. Tuesday night at the latest cheers mike and yvonne


The car's washed and ready for tomorrow. Looking forward to it.



A2OC Donor
Hi folks - looking forward to seeing you all tonight for the meal.
Those that have not been before the duet is in the big building of fort Dunlop with a car park opposite ( gives you a security disc for exiting - so bring it with you to be validated by duet)
We tend to gather in the car park for the inevitable A2 chat from about 6.30. Our car (akoya) will be in the hotel car park much earlier as we are about to set of from maldon in Essex to get to Birmingham and chill in the hotel bar.
Drive safe mike and Yvonne
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Table is booked for 7pm. Don’t worry about a dirty car - it’s more about being here as a group. Even car shows there is never a problem with a dirty car.