A2OC curry/italian night

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Event start date: Saturday 2019-04-13
Event end date: Saturday 2019-04-13
Registration ends: Friday 2019-04-05
Username Guest count Note
a2sumo a2sumo 1  
Vonnie Vonnie 1  
Proghound Proghound 3 ... confirmed, hotel booked :)
Reubenah Reubenah 1  
KekseKaempfer KekseKaempfer 1 I will bring the i3. Bring a change of pants XD
F flashzero 2 2 Adults + 1 Baby (so could do with space for a pram)
Darren C Darren C 4 2 adults and 2 children
Teresa Teresa 1  
robin robin 2 As per usual Maddy needs to check shifts mike
J Jeffers66 2 Myself and Carole, looking forward to seeing you all
ajsellors ajsellors 1  
Mustang-owner Mustang-owner 1 As usual, on my own!


A2OC Donor
What a fab night Yvonne and I had in the company if you all. Thank you so much for attending.
We left Essex at about 10.15 in wintery conditions of what looked like snow but was more likely to have been soft hail. With 40/50/60 mph limits we arrived in Birmingham at about 1pm in much better weather than we left in Essex.
Members of A2oc started arriving from about 4pm so we sheltered in the bar ? until moving off out in the cold wind the short walk to duet. By now the regular attendees at duet have their favourite dishes so ordering is less of a problem with the vast choices of Indian or Italian. After the food most of us moved back to the warm bar in the hotel -just for the warmth you understand. Not before the obligatory swapping of car parts and a good look at the two bmw i3’s that had joined us for the evening (Chris /keksekaempfer.
And Ian /driveforward
Finally retiring at about 1.30 am feeling very happy.
We were missing a few for various reasons and you were all very much missed and look forward to catching up with you all at the next social.
Cheers mike and Yvonne
Thank you Mike. It was fantastic to meet up as always and thank you also for allowing traitors to the table ??


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A2OC Donor
yes you eagle eyed spotters 5 it is --- the invading i3's had gone home last night along with the other a2's.


Social Secretary
Thank you for a fab night everyone and special thanks to Mike and Vonnie for brilliant organisation as always.

When I was driving home, I got on the A47 between Kings Lynn and Norwich and suddenly realised that I was in a cool little convoy that went A4, A3, A2, A1 ?