ABS/brake woes


2001 1.4 AUA with 107k. A couple of weeks ago I heard 3 loud beeps (frightened the life out of me) as I was driving and the dash warning below:

with the DIS showing a flashing brake shoe symbol (not showing in photo)

I swapped out discs and pads, thinking this was a pad wear issue. It was a little surprising that there were still several mm of pad material left, but thought this was perhaps a super-conservative system.

After swapping out the pads and discs the alarm reappeared after 25 miles.

I have done a scan and have these codes:


3 Faults Found:
01130 - ABS Operation
27-10 - Implausible signal - Intermittent
01542 - Yaw Rate Sensor (G202)
57-10 - Electric Circuit Failure - Intermittent
01542 - Yaw Rate Sensor (G202)
27-10 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent

The alarm resets on powering down and restarting ignition/engine. Typically, I can drive a few yards or a few miles and I hear grinding and noises from a brake caliper as though the ABS is operating with some retardation. Then the alarm sounds and I can proceed as normal ( though with the dash alarm showing).

This seems, from the forum posts, to point to a faulty yaw sensor. But I wondered if there were other common A2 faults that could provoke this combination of symptoms and fault codes.