Absolutely Gutted!!


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Nightmare, I feel your pain.
I wonder how the police do not physically remove some of the elderly drivers; you know the type, red-lining the balls out of their cars whilst reversing in Sainsbury's car park. God only knows why more accidents don't occur, scary!

I've not read the thread but I assume you are OK?
Seeing as this happened over 4 years ago he is probably fine by now?

(Only trying to have a laugh - I need one at the moment!)

Steve B


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Only just read this thread. Wow. Excellent work all round.

Is Glen still about, and still with the A2?

Did Ryan ever find himself an A2?


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Yes I'm still alive, and so is the A2. It still looks fantastic, no it really does. I only bring it out of the garage for summer.
OSS was replaced by Audi Worthing, all working well etc
Mr Angry ( Cameron) came to collect my other A2 and he will confirm it looks well.
Ta for asking
On a positive note>
I wrote off my Alfa 159 by hitting a tree that had fallen in the road.
The insurance paid me a good deal and now I am a very happy A2 owner.
Fate has a way…..