Air condition failure intermittent


Hello guys if anyone can help me here...
I’m struggle to find a cause to my air conditioning sometimes for a couple of minutes stops the cold and starts with warm air ...suddenly it’s ok again... I have checked the gas twice and it’s ok ,no lack or leaks ...
Temperature is adjusted to 21 degrees Celsius and it may work all day long correctly or just stops and give that warm air again
Any clue ? Did anyone already had this malfunction??


Hello there guys
First fault list was huge I deleted and then only this 2 errors have persist ...
never had any repair in the air con ... can it be the climatronic unit itself ??
now I can notice too that every time I turn the ignition key and don’t start the engine, there are Some sounds of theair ducts doors in the back ,all moving like a check up ... this is a new symptom ,I think ! Never notice that before



Technical Specialist 1.2 TDI
Don't worry about intermittent fault codes. However, you need to change your G263 sensor.