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Despite previous information to the contrary Audi UK have confirmed that they do not have a fix for the AM reception problem in my A2 TDI. The gist of Audi’s letter was, yes, there is a problem but not many dealers have reported it, so hard luck.

The dealer however took another view and is going to attempt to resolve the problem.

Well done the Dealer


A friend of mine has a Golf. He recently wanted am Long Wave which is not on his radio, so he had a new radio installed - long wave would not work using the built in aerial. Connect a bit of wire to the radio and it works fine!
Presumably VW have fitted some sort of high pass filter in the aerial system, and I would hazzard a guess that it is there to remove interference from the engine electrics!

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If you get any success out of your dealer, please let us know.

I was told by my dealer that we should carry on pestering our dealers so that they could maintain the pressure on Audi UK. My dealer suggested that the real problem was actually getting a response out of Audi AG - as they did not register the AM radio problem as very high on their priorities.

If you're dealer finds a fix, let us know. My dealer just said that under no circumstances should I attempt to affix an external aerial - but I think that is going to be the only solution. I don't expect Audi to find a solution to this problem - the car has been out 15 odd months now - and if it is made obsolete by 2005 - it would surprise me greatly, if they came up with a solution by then.

Let us know how you get on.
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