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I bought a cheap early 2001 AMF engine with hydraulic tensioner to replace my seized 2003 AMF with friction tensioner, and would like to change the belts and oil chain while it's out of the car.

Obviously (albeit not to me when I bought it) this engine has enough differences to be a major headache. I'm trying to get the plate / vin from the breaker but I was hoping someone with an early hydraulic AMF could give me the part numbers for a complete timing belt with water pump kit, and advise what the part number for the oil timing kit is.

I've found a variety of kits that look close, but have no way to verify them without an identifier, and they don't seem to be covered on the parts diagrams for some reason, the image is there but I can't get them to relate to part numbers and I'm not sure why. 😕


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Does this help you.

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Feel free to use the reg off my Devon project car, a 2001 AMF car:

CW51 NYV (Charlie Whisky Five One, November Yankee Victor).

It deffo had the hydraulic tensioner as I changed it (full kit) 🙂


Just bumping my pain here, because I was trying to get everything to line up nicely with a water pump, and ETKA seems to greatly disdain or enjoy my pain...

Everything you guys have said is spot on but I have a teensy problem with the pump.

I pulled part number 045121019A from the car, which isn't in ETKA, and I believe (although I don't have the actual VIN) should be 045121011b - I may be reading the number on my part wrong, though.

The most complete kit I can find which corresponds, except for my odd water pump No., to the parts I pulled is the GATES KP25569XS-2

GATES KP15569XS-2 is a partial kit without tensioner.

Dayco KTB415 is a correct partial kit and KTBWP4150 MAY be a complete kit but I can't verify the parts list.

INA 530009130 MAY be a correct partial kit without hydraulic tensioner, and I have been advised as such but can't verify the parts list.

Follows is a parts list as extracted from my born 06/06/2001 AMF donor engine from reggy NL51 CZG:

045109243C - pulley - (GATES T43019)
045121019A - water pump - (GATES WP0062) - [ETKA lists as 045121011b or 045121011bx ]
045109479b V200 - tensioner hydraulic - (GATES T43063)
03L109244C - tensioner mounted pulley - (GATES T42139)
038109119s - (DAYCO 2x0109119) - belt - (GATES 5569XS)

Hope that helps if someone hits search...

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